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(Car Amplifiers - Multi Channel Amplifier)

Kenwood eXcelon class D 5-channel power amplifier.

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X Series Amplifiers

X Series Amplifiers provide a powerful solution in a compact design ideal for upgrading your car audio system. The reliability of the thermal management system instantaneously controls amplitude and ensures uninterrupted sound reproduction when high output drives up temperatures. Experience the luxury of choice afforded by Kenwood's compact engineering.

Audio Grade Capacitors

These advanced audio grade capacitors store energy for the internal operating voltage of the amplifier. Their high quality construction and low internal resistance allow them to deliver energy during with the most demanding music and deliver unfluctuating performance when pushed close to their limits.

Dual Sigma Drive

This advanced negative feed back circuit improves damping factor and increases accuracy and sound quality. When a signal is passed to a subwoofer, like a 50Hz note, the speaker will move and create the note. However, because the speaker has mass and a suspension, it won't stop moving once it's in motion. This extra movement (sound) creates a type of distortion that's not part of the original signal. The negative feedback circuit senses this unwanted movement and sends out an opposite pulse to stop the speaker like an electronic brake.

Expanded Frequency Response

Supporting Hi-Res Audio, this amplifier is ideal for high resolution audio playback as it features a frequency response that extends to 50 kHz.

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Power RMS Power:
50W x 4 + 300W (4 ohms)
75W x 4 + 500W (2 ohms)
150W x 2 (Bridged) + 300W (4 ohms)
Total max power 1600 W
Number of channels 5
Amplifier class D
Load impedance capability 2 ohms
4 ohm output power 500 W
2 ohm output power 750 W
Frequency response 20 Hz - 50,000 Hz
Total harmonic distortion <1%
Additional information • CEA-2006 Compliant
• 2 Ohms Load Capability
• Speaker Level Input with Signal Sensing Turn-on
• Power MOS-FET Switching Power Supply
• Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Design
• A B Sub Independent Gain Adjustment
Width 9 inch(es) / 22.86 cm
Height 2.19 inch(es) / 5.56 cm
Depth 7.37 inch(es) / 18.73 cm
Kelowna - Car Audio 2 Available
Prince George 1 Available
Vernon 2 Available

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