36" Samsung Smart 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub and Beverage Center - RF29A9771SR

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  • Family Hub™ - Screen for all family members, for their communal and emotional experience
  • Easy access to fresh and flavoured water with Autofill Water Pitcher
  • Keep food fresher with Triple Cooling System

Home is wherethe Hub is


Leave notes, share calendars, videos, pictures and more.


Stream music, listen to live radio and mirror content from your Samsung TV or phone

Food AI

Manage groceries and meal planning more effectively.

Stay connected with the family

Easily share family moments and news

Family Board

Enrich your family life by easily sharing news, messages, special moments and new photos, videos on the Family Board. Simply use the home screen to share photos and video clips, post stickers, draw pictures, type or hand-write notes, share schedules and website links.

Never forget important family events


Make sure that you never miss a family event. The Calendar app lets you share and check the schedules of family members at a glance. You can update entries on the fridge or from a smartphone and synchronize the schedules with Google and Microsoft calendars*. So you won’t forget important dates!

Easily stay in touch with all the family

Memo, To-do, Gallery

Enjoy a really fun and effective way to communicate with your family. Using the Memo, To-do and Gallery apps you can quickly share memos, task lists, instructions, activity schedules and photos. When anyone steps close to the fridge the home screen turns on, so they can see what you’ve said.

Let your fingers do all of the talking


Avoid the hassle of finding a pen and paper to leave personalized messages for your family members. With the White Board application you can create messages simply by using your finger to draw pictures or handwritten text. You can even use emoticons, and replies can easily be added to messages.

Non-stop music, radio & TV entertainment

Cook while enjoying your favourite content

SmartView (Phone/TV Mirroring)

Watch TV programs or access online content. Using a widget you can quickly launch popular video streaming or social media apps. The SmartView app can also display what’s showing on any Samsung Smart TV* and lets you view and control the millions of apps that are available on your smartphone**.

Non-stop music & entertainment anytime

Spotify / Amazon Music / Tunein Radio

Listen to your favorite playlists, songs and artists while you cook with Spotify or Amazon Music. Or stream non-stop entertainment with access to global radio stations, news, podcasts and comedy shows on TuneIn.

Manage food easily, saving time & money

Easily make your family’s favorite food

Meal Planner with quick plan

Cook food your family loves. Using artificial intelligence and food profiling, Smart Recipes app provides delicious recipes with simple instructions and can send the oven the right settings*. A weekly Meal Planner suggests meals to cook each day, based on what you like and the food in the fridge.

Shopping made simple wherever you are

Shopping List

Plan meals and buy food you need with the Shopping List app. Just add any items or ingredients you need to your list with a touch or voice command. Synchronize the list to your phone, so you have it handy for your next grocery trip.

Smarter way to control your home

Connected Living

Smart home montioring all in one place


Keep tabs of what's happening in and around the house with the SmartThings* app. Using your voice or a touch on the screen, you can instantly control other compatible smart devices around the home. You can turn them on/off, adjust settings, co-ordinate activities and limit power usage. You can also monitor up to 6 cameras around the house on its widget**.

Smarter way to cook


Make time in the kitchen more efficient with Bixby. Simply tell it what you want it to do, from setting cooking timers to recommending recipes. It even adapts to your needs by learning your routines and preferences, so it gets more helpful over time.

Make & receive phone calls hands-free

Bluetooth Call

Make or receive calls when you’re cooking without holding a phone. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the refrigerator can seamlessly connect to your smartphone*. So you can easily answer it or call people just using your voice. And there’s less risk of dropping or damaging it with sticky fingers.

Flexibly preserve the freshness of food

Flexible Storage

Keep different foods fresh in the optimal conditions. The FlexZone™ is an independently controlled compartment with five pre-set modes: Freeze, Soft Freeze, Meat/Fish, Fruit/Veggies and Beverage. There’s also a Flex Crisper for meat or fish and a Crisper+ for fruit and vegetables.

Water your way

Beverage Center™

Enjoy easy access to fresh and flavoured water. The Beverage Center™ provides a BPA Free* Autofill Water Pitcher that fills up automatically and a regular Water Dispenser for easy access to a glass of fresh water.

Produces more ice, provides more choice

Dual Auto Ice Maker

Make sure you are prepared for any occasion with two different types of ice. The Dual Auto Ice Maker makes both Cubed Ice and Ice Bites™, which chill drinks much faster. It can make 2.8kg/6.17lbs of ice a day and store up to 4.1kg/9lbs*. And, as it’s in the freezer, it frees-up fridge space.

Clean Lines, Stylish Look

Modern Design

Give your home a stylishly integrated appearance. The new premium design features minimalist flat doors with recessed handles that give a sleek and neat look to your kitchen, easily blending in with existing appliances and cabinetry.

How to measure

Filter by CategoryFrench Door Refrigerators
Bottom Left
Shelf2 EA
Box1 EA
LED Interior LightYes
Bottom Right
Box1 EA
Convertible Room (F)-23~-15, -5, -1, 2, 4 °C
Net for Freezer (cu.ft)11.6 
Bottom Right
Shelf2 EA
Temperature ControlYes
Net for Fridge (cu.ft)17 
Total Capacity28.6 
Cooling Feature
Triple CoolingTriple Cooling
Energy StarYes
Exterior Feature
ColourStainless Steel
Dispenser with Water FilterYes
Display & Control (Fridge and Freezer)F-Hub
Display TypeF-Hub
Door HandleRecess Handle
Dispenser TypeBeverage Center
General Feature
Door AlarmYes
Installation Considerations
Free StandingYes
Energy Consumption698 kWh/year
Physical specification
Net Case Height with Hinge (inch)71.875 
Net Case Height without Hinge (inch)70.75 
Net Depth with Door Handle (inch)33.875 
Net Depth without Door Handle (inch)33.875 
Net Depth without Door (inch)29.375 
Net Dimension (WxHxD)(inch)35 7/8 x 71 7/8 x 33 7/8 
Net Weight (kg)160 
Net Width (inch)35.875 
Packing Dimension (WxHxD)(inch)38 1/4 x 77 5/8 x 36 1/4 
Packing Weight (kg)170 
Refrigerator Feature
Interior LED LightYes
Number of Door Pocket6 EA
Number of Vegetable&Fruit Drawer2 EA
Number of Shelf (Total)4 EA
App Connectivity
SmartThings App SupportYes
WiFi EmbeddedYes
Refrigerator Feature
Shelf MaterialTempered Glass

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15 Reviews

Submitted a year ago

Reviewed at

3 Nice feature

In my previous house, I have the four door fridge that has the water dispenser outside and screen. which I really love. I wanted to buy the same fridge for my new house and I realized it has been discontinued. The 4-door Flex fridge that now has the water dispenser inside which makes the front flush and plain is really nice but the only major issue I have is that I would love if Samsung can put a glass wall (whatever) between the water dispenser and the inner part. This is to allow the food inside the fridge to stay fresh since we have to open the fridge to take water all the time. Even though there are two doors at the left side (one for the water dispenser and one for the inner part of the fridge) but the fact that there is not wall between this two still give access to the inner part when taking water which can affect the freshness of the food inside. I hope samsung can see this review and consider another model with this adjustment. By the way, I love samsung. all my appliances including my phone is samsung product.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

Submitted a year ago

Reviewed at

1 Piece of junk

Absolutely appauled! My refrig is 4 years old but has only been operating 5 mos out of each year, and apparently it’s non repairable I understand extended warranties and didn’t buy one so expect service costs but I paid $120 for service tech to tell me the problem is a leak in the sealed unit that houses the butane (used to be freeon) and that it is not repairable. Appauling that a 4 year old fridge cannot be repaired !! I did call Samsung and they created a service ticket but have now advised that the ticket is terminated bc the warranty is expired ! I get that, but how can a four year old refrig not be repairable - parts not accessible to repair it ?? I will never buy a Samsung appliance again, and strongly recommend you avoid their refrigerators especially the twin cooling system which seem to be junk and are non-repairable

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

Submitted 2 years ago

Reviewed at

1 It looks nice but worse fridge so far function wis

I bought this fridge less than 3 years ago after renovating my kitchen. I kept the other fridge(another brand) as a back up in my baseball (thanks god for that) . From day one it had a problem accumulating water in the fridge behind the drawers. And now it’s been a month that the freezer is broken due to some leakage . I bought it through Leon’s furniture company and added extended warranty which is totally useless no one is taking responsibility for the problem and it’s still not fixed . They just tell us to wait . What if I didn’t have another fridge to use. I am in my 40’s and had différent fridge first time this problem with a fridge . Very low quality does not work the price at all.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

Submitted 2 years ago

Reviewed at

3 Not really happy. It is disappointing.

We bought our Samsung 4 door Flex Family Hub refrigerator a few years ago. Our fridge is the version 2 model. I will say that the fridge runs well and we have had no issues there. It keeps a constant temperature and cools well. I also love the door alarm which has a pleasant melody when letting me know that I have not closed a door properly. I have looked up the weather and looked for online recipes on the Family Hub. Bixby whish is meant to be Samsung's version of Alexa is ok but I have Alexa and she is fine! I will however comment on the stainless steel and on the crisper drawers and their poor design. We have noticed what looks like something dripped on both the stainless steel fridge doors and ran down the doors. Both the bottom stainless doors are now permanently discoloured. I have tried to clean the staining off and have not been successful. I looked online for comments other consumers have posted and found some complaining about the same problem. I have found that some people have also complained about rust marks on their stainless that are permanent. I have never owned a fridge where the stainless steel became permanently marked up. Some of these consumers have contacted Samsung and Samsung has refused to help them stating that their warranty does not cover cosmetic damage. I'm sorry....really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of rip off artists!! There is also a class action lawsuit in the United States where consumers are complaining about faulty ice makers that leak and have caused extensive water damage to parts of their home. I am also totally frustrated with the design of the drawers. There is a lip inside all the drawers along the front of the drawer on the bottom edge of each drawer and debris and dirt get caught under the lip. The only way to clean it is to take the front panel off the drawer. I have tried to wash away the debris in the sink to remedy this problem but it is impossible to clean under that lip.To take the front off the drawer is not that simple and if you do not do it correctly you might damage the drawer. The designers of this fridge really anger me. Who is the world thought this was a good idea? Forgive me but monkeys could have designed a better drawer!! I will conclude by saying that the built in screen which is sort of like a big tablet and what Samsung calls the family hub is impressive however the apps are not that user friendly and I really don't use the hub all that much. It was a technologically impressive invention that ended up not impressing me. If I had realized this before I purchased this Samsung fridge I would have saved myself the aggravation and a whole lot of cash. I wish i wouldn't have been dazzled by the fridge at first sight and would have just bought a regular fridge. I should have remembered that fridges are made to keep things cold to preserve their shelf life. I feel I should have made a wiser decision and that using my cell or laptop would suffice. Why do I need a fridge with an oversized tablet who's apps don't really work all that well?

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

Submitted 2 years ago

Reviewed at

1 Do not RecommendRecived in Damaged Condition

I got this fridge 2 weeks ago and the freezer sensor and the lights does not work. Giving me error Door open. Called dealer they said Samsung will handle it and getting no response and now stuck with damaged fridge

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

Submitted 2 years ago

Reviewed at

1 Cool tablet, fridge is a hunk of junk.

Less than one week old and the door front is dented by being hand opened, according to Samsung this is our fault and not covered by warranty. Our old whirlpool fridge (which has not left the kitchen yet) survived many years of being unopened unscathed. Ice maker is already jamming and shoots ice everywhere. The shelves are not adjustable and there is no meat/cheese drawer. Cleaning fingerprints every day and the old one only needed a weekly polish. Regretting this expensive purchase :(

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

Submitted a year ago

Reviewed at

5 Amazing technology

Very satisfied with my purchase as the family absolutely loves it!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Submitted a year ago

Reviewed at

1 No more Samsung products for me.

samsungrefrigerator_defectiveondelivery. received may 6th, 2022. tripped 4 different gfci outlets. samsung support is horrible. 1. as of now no working refrigerator for 8 days. i have a family with 2 handicapped kids. 2. two days of vacation are used for deliveries, and i don't have a working refrigerator. 3. 12 phone calls, about 7 hours on the phone. 2 chats. 4. replacement refrigerator is supposed to arrive on may 12th. no delivery. 2 to 3 days to schedule a date for delivery. what do you mean??? it was supposed to be delivered on the 12th. 5. online government employee discount is a joke. the same item is $100 cheaper at costco.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

Submitted a year ago

Reviewed at

5 Very large and has lots of useful space

Received this last week and WOW is all I can say! The amount of space in this thing is amazing and we'll thought out! The auto fill water pitcher is a nice add on! As cool as the different ice is, I do wish it had a ice dispenser like the water dispenser.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Submitted 2 years ago

Reviewed at

5 Great fridge

Fridge works wonderful. Very specious. I like it. Would buy 2

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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