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(Car Stereos - Car Deck)

The contrasting red and black tones of this device add a sense of cool to your dashboard. It’s the perfect fusion of design and operability, with easy-to-reach buttons located right next to a large volume knob.

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Vivid Red Illumination Highlights the Cool, Economic Design of The Body

With a black body that would match any dashboard, this device is the perfect accessory for your car-especially with easy-to-reach buttons located right next to a large volume knob.

Easy to See Controls Balance Good Looks with Usability

Key functions are positioned close for easy access. Even selecting songs stored on a connected Portable audio or USB memory is made simple. Switching between sources like CD and USB, as well as selecting your preferred sound settings, can be done easily and close to the volume knob.

1. Select source
2. Select sound functions

14-segment 8-digit 1-line LCD

The 14-segment 1-line display on this receiver allows numbers and characters to be displayed clearly - in all lighting conditions. Whether you want to know what song is playing or just need to know the time, it’s always easy to see.

Superior iPod and iPhone Connectivity

Enjoy the familiar control and feel of your iPhone, with ALBUM / ARTIST / SONG LIST on screen display and List back operation. Simple control mode lets you easily operate the system using the controls on your iPhone, including ABC Search to quickly access your songs.

Front AUX Input Lets You Easily Connect to External Sources

You may have a wide variety of music sources, from the latest digital device to the antiquated analog machine. Whatever it is, as long as it has an AUX output or headphone jack, you can easily attach it to the source unit’s front panel AUX input, to continue enjoying your favorite music source.

Beat EQ for Customizable Sound

This radio provide different equalization patterns and EQ USER, which lets you freely customize the level an range of the bass, midrange and treble portions. You can tune the sound to your liking, depending on the category of music, for a more personalized and fulfilling listening experience.

IMPORTANT: Images may not reflect actual product.
Maximum power 180 W
THD and Frequency 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
Number of channels 4
DIN connector 1
Volume control Rotary
Navigation No
Remote control Yes
Touchscreen No
Pre-outs voltage 2 V
Auxiliary input Yes
USB input Yes
Bluetooth No
Direct Control for iPod®/iPhone® Yes

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