Kenwood 5x7 Inch Oval Custom Fit 2-way Speakers - KFC-C5796PS

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  • Peak Power 320W
  • Diamond Array Pattern Woofer Cone
  • Acoustic Sound Harmonizer
  • Sound Field Enhancer


Diamond Array Pattern Woofer Cone

This technology enhances sound and reduces distortion.

Sound Field Enhancer

This unique shape of the tweeter creates strong frontward sound as well as a wider sound field in 5kHz and higher frequencies.

Acoustic Sound Harmonizer

Produces a smooth and natural sound by controlling woofer sound waves and allowing only certain frequencies to pass through the holes of the tweeter panel.

Factory Location Fit

The tweeter height is designed as low as possible, allowing the speakers to easily fit in most factory locations.

1. Black Painted Yoke and Plate
By implementing black paint on these parts, heat is released efficiently inside the magnetic circuit, resulting in temperature reduction of the voice coil and improved durability.

2. New Woofer Damper Shape

Stress leveling points increase durability and provide a smoother sound response.

Speaker Cord 0.3m*2pcs
Tapping Screw φ4x30*8pcs
Net Weight 1.30 kg 2.8 lb
Weight of Woofer Magnet190 g 6.7 oz
without Grille (pc.) 631g 1.4 lb
Mounting Depth 52 mm 2-1/16 in.
Cutout Diameter124.5x182.5 mm 4-7/8x7-3/16 in.
Top Height 8.2 5/16 in.
Height (w/o_Gr) 138 mm 5-7/16 in.
Width (w/o_Gr) 220.7 mm 8-11/16 in.
MagnetFerrite φ75xt10
Surround Rubber
Size 138x195mm 5x7 inch
Diaphragm / Color PP Cone Black
Frequency Response(Hz) CTA standards64-24000Hz
Sensitivity (dB at 1m) CTA standards88dB
RMS Input Power(W) CTA standards80W
Peak Input Power(W) 320W
Speed Nut 8pcs
Colllar φ4 8pcs
Width (w_Gr) -
Height (w_Gr) -
with Grille (pc.) -
Diaphragm / Color Balanced Dome Matte Black
Size 30mm 1-3/16 inch

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