Alpine X-Series 6.5 Inch Component 2-Way Speakers - X-S65C

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The new speakers are the first components of the Alpine ID sound system philosophy

Experience the music as the artist originally intended by taking your sound system to a premium level with the new X-Series speakers.


The new X-Series speakers combine proven technologies, superior materials and innovative design to reproduce sound so accurately, you’ll feel like you’re right in front of the performance.


Hi-Res Audio is the next level of digital audio for music fans alike and requires an incredibly wide dynamic range to reproduce music with amazing realism and depth. The X-Series speakers are Hi-Rez compatible and when paired with other X-Series components, provide an incredible Hi-Rez Audio experience.


“Good enough” is a common phrase used to describe many factory vehicle sound systems these days. Alpine’s top sound engineers from all over the world gathered in Alpine headquarters to deeply research and evaluate the state of in-car sound from various sources including aftermarket sound systems and high-end factory systems. The researched showed that In-vehicles sound systems of today have achieved the ear-pleasing, wide dynamic range and are able to reach sufficient volume levels. What they found that was commonly missing in all of these systems was an accurate sound stage; the “appearance” of the music to be properly positioned in front of you, just like you would experience in live music. This missing attribute is what drove us to create a sound philosophy called Alpine: Image Defined.

Alpine ID for short, is the new global sound philosophy with an evolutionary approach for solving what’s missing in most car audio systems these days: great spatial imaging and depth of stage. It centers on developing matched sound systems that work together to create a highly realistic sound stage with great dynamic range and quality. X-Series the first set of audio components to be engineered under this new thinking.


The X-Series’ speaker cone is made from a tightly interwoven Nano-fiber material. The extremely small diameter fibers create a damped, rigid cone structure while staying lightweight.  Because of this light rigidity, the X-Series speaker is capable of highly accurate sound reproduction while maintaining a soft tonality. The cone’s resistance to flex ensures there is very little to no discoloration of sound and phase shifts. The result is a highly accurate speaker that is well staged in front of you.


Alpine’s High Amplitude Multi-Roll surround is a patented technology originally implemented in subwoofers to increase excursion while maintaining accuracy and linearity. This technology has made its way into midrange speakers and the results have been spectacular. The multi-roll design allows an even unfolding of the surround which creates incredible linearity and colorization rejection.


Repositioning the already powerful neodymium magnet to the center of the voice coil allows for direct drive of the coil.  A traditional magnet mounted outside of the voice sends its magnetism through the top and bottom plate resulting in losses of magnetic strength.  This direct-drive effect allows for increased efficiency and accuracy. A side effect of moving the magnet into the center pole is the ability to reduce the size of the outer basket making it easier to fit in various vehicle applications.


The tweeter’s diaphragm is built from a sheet of carbon graphite which enables it to reproduce frequency ranges in the upper 55kHz range, usually achieved using a harsher, hard dome tweeter like Aluminum or Titanium.  Carbon graphite allows us to hit those High-rez audio-compatible frequencies while maintaining the softer, more damped sound qualities of a soft dome.


With the introduction of the nanofiber cone, the X-Series’ midrange is capable of reproducing some incredible detail in the upper frequency range, known as transients. These harmonic notes are details lost when a low past filter is introduced. Along with limiting these frequencies, a low pass filter can introduce phase shifts in the upper frequency ranges which create time smearing and other phase issues. To ensure proper detail reproduction and imaging, we allow the midrange to play in full range and include a simple high pass filter for the tweeter. As a system, these speakers are able to play highly detailed music passages where you can feel the musicians presence in front of you.

The all-new designs are built for maximum linear motor force for realistic reproduction of any type of sound source. Premium materials were meticulously selected to contribute the performance of the X-Series speakers:

New radial neodymium motor structure: A pole-type neodymium magnet positioned inside the voice coil (as opposed to outside) creates an improved magnetic circuit with less loss for more efficient power delivery. Since the magnet is smaller than conventional designs, it allows the depth of the X-Series speakers to be much shallower and thereby compatible with more vehicles.

New nanofiber cone: The small-diameter nanofibers create a cone structure that is lightweight and rigid, for increased sound accuracy. Nanofiber cones also have good internal damping, so residual energy decays quickly without distorting the original music tones.

New carbon graphite tweeter: Alpine chose carbon graphite for the tweeter because it is rigid enough to perform like a hard dome tweeter but maintains the natural sound characteristics of a soft dome tweeter. The tweeter delivers increased accuracy and extended high frequency range without the harshness that is sometimes associated with hard dome tweeters.

Other premium materials used in the X-Series speakers include a cast aluminum frame for strength, and Alpine’s HAMR (High Amplitude Multi-Roll) surround technology for linear range of operation.

Speaker Rating:
Max RMS Power Capacity:120W
Peak Power Capacity: 360W

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