Blackvue Hardwiring Kit For BlackVue Dashcam - Power Magic Pro

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Power Magic Pro powers your BlackVue in Parking Mode using your vehicle’s battery. Its voltage cut-off and timer both prevent vehicle battery discharge.

For easier installation, add Fuse Taps that match your vehicle’s fuses

Protect Your Battery.

Enjoy Parking Mode.

Power Magic Pro supplies power to your BlackVue from your vehicle’s battery according to the configured voltage and timer to prevent vehicle battery discharge.

Parking Mode Switch

Parking Mode Switch ON: Power Magic Pro supplies your BlackVue with power even if the ignition of the vehicle is turned off, until it reaches voltage cut-off or timeout value.

Parking Mode Switch OFF: Power Magic Pro supplies power to your dashcam only when vehicle ignition is on.

Two systems to avoid discharging the battery

Power Magic Pro allows to configure both timer and voltage cut-off values. Power Magic Pro will cut the power to the BlackVue based on both Timer and Voltage Cut-off value, whichever comes first. The timer can be set from 6 hours to infinite.

In addition to the timer, Power Magic Pro lets you set a voltage cut-off value. As soon as the voltage from your vehicle’s battery drops to the cut-off value, Power Magic Pro will stop powering your dashcam, thus saving your battery.

Timer Cut-Off Settings

You can configure Power Magic Pro to supply power to your BlackVue for a preset duration, from 6 hours to infinity. The timer function is only active when the vehicle’s ignition is off and automatically stops if ignition is on.

Low Voltage Cut-Off Settings

When vehicle’s ignition is off, Power Magic Pro checks your vehicle’s battery voltage periodically while powering your BlackVue. If power drops below the set cut-off level, Power Magic Pro automatically cuts power to the dashcam, thus saving your vehicle’s battery life.

Once installed, enjoy Parking Mode worry-free

Simple instructions guide you connecting it to your vehicle´s fuse box. Once connected, choose the best location and fix the Power Magic Pro in place with either the double-sided tape or the screws.
Power Magic Pro supports all BlackVue dashcam models.

Optional Fuse Taps for Easy Hardwiring

The fuse taps allow you to easily hardwire your BlackVue dashcam to your car’s battery in combination with the Power Magic Pro hardwiring kit that enables Parking Mode.
The fuse taps come in 3 variations, so make sure you choose the one adapted to the fuse box in your car.

Fuse Tap for Power Magic Pro with 3 options:

Mini Fuse Tap

Low-profile Mini Fuse Tap

ATO Fuse Tap

what's included

  • Power Magic Pro
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Wire Harness
  • Screws
Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions21 × 15 × 7 cm
softwarePower cut-off timer setting, 6 hours – infinity
Power cut-off voltage (based on the input voltage)12V, 12.5V (±0.1V) / 22.8V, 23.2V (±0.1V)
Output current / Quiescent current1A (Maximum: 2A) / Below 200μA
Backup BatteryPower restoration voltage (based on the input voltage), Cut-off voltage + 0.2V and higher
FUSE TAP ADD-ONNo fuse tap, ATO fuse, Low-profile mini fuse, Mini fuse

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