Compustar 1 Way SP RF Package, 3000 Foot Range

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Long Distance Remote Starter

Compustar has prided itself on creating remotes that perform under pressure. So whether you are in the city or in an area with a lot of signal interference, we are confident that the new G9 Remote Starter is the best solution for connecting to your car.

The new G9 Remote Starter features the new Super Heterodyne Plus, which is a 100% upgrade over its predecessor Super Heterodyne. Using broadband frequency modulation, this remote will send a powerful signal whenever you send a remote start or keyless entry command to your vehicle.


Remote Start:

Get a head start on the weather outside by remote starting your engine.

Cold/Hot Automatic Start:

Set your vehicle to automatically start at a certain time or temperature.

Manual Transmission Compatible:

Compustar Remote Starters can be safely installed on most manual-transmission vehicles.

Diesel Engine Compatible:

Compustar Remote Starters will work on vehicles with diesel engines.

Turbo Timer:

Keep your engine running in idle to prevent premature turbo wear. Keyless Entry Features


Secure your vehicle by locking your doors. Activate by pressing lock button.


Access your vehicle by unlocking your door. Activate by pressing unlock button.


Pop your trunk by holding the Trunk Release button for 2.5 seconds.


If your Compustar system has been connected to an alarm, holding the lock button will trigger the siren. Convenience Features

Valet Mode:

Turn off remote start settings whenever you submit your vehicle for servicing or valet.

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