FM Audio Platinum Remote Start Package, 2 Way LCD Display, 3000 Foot Range INSTALLED PRICE FMAV RS-P

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Included in Platinum Package:

  • FT-DC3-HC
  • 1 x 2W705R-SH Remote (2-way LCD remote)
  • Graphic, Audible Display For Command Confirmation
  • Compustar Thermister**
  • 1 x 1WG6R-SH Remote (1-way remote)
  • 2 Way SH Antenna
  • 3000 Foot Range (1/2 Mile)
  • Complete Installation
  • Remote Start
  • Lock / Arm Factory Alarm
  • Unlock / Disarm Factory Alarm
  • Remote Trunk Pop/Unlock (If vehicle is so equipped)

**The Thermistor is used to read temperature inside the vehicle on the CompuStar Pro Series. The Thermistor is intended for 2 Way remote systems that show the temperature (Celsius or Ferenheit) readout on the LCD screen. With the Thermistor you can check the temperature inside your vehicle and even set you vehicle to remote start when it passes the temperature threshold set by the installer.

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