30" Samsung 6.3 Cu. Ft. Electric Range With True Convection And Air Fry In Black Stainless Steel - NE63T8711SG

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  • True Convection
  • Slide-in Design
  • Air Fry

More stylish look, more ways to cook

Bring more style, convenience and flexibility to your kitchen. It adds a modern, built-in look by simply sliding in between cabinets. And it provides intuitive messaging and remembers your cooking habits.

Upgrade to a modern and built-in look

Slide-in Design

Give your kitchen a premium and stylish built-in look. The slide-in design provides a modern and integrated appearance. Simply nestle it between your cabinets to upgrade the kitchen without remodeling.

A simply more intuitive way to cook

Intelligent Control

The new Samsung Range offers intuitive messaging on an LCD, one knob and minimum buttons. The oven also remembers your cooking habits, or you can save your favourite settings or hide modes. In addition, it includes a number of safety features and provides easy troubleshooting.

Illuminated Knob

Worry less with the added peace of mind with the Illuminated Knob. You can easily check if the burners are on or off at a glance, even from a distance. The large, ergonomic design of the metallic knobs makes the knobs easy to grip for precise temperature control. And they add a stylish, premium look.

Fries food using little oil

Air Fry

Air Fry combines a special tray with hot air circulation that envelops food. Its the ideal way to cook French fries, Tater Tots or even vegetables as it eliminates excess fat while leaving the food still crispy and brown on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Precise control, Powerful heat

3.6kW Express Boil Electric Cooktop

Cook dishes quickly and evenly using the powerful heat and precise control of the 3.6kW Express Boil Electric Cooktop. It can rapidly go to a high heat for searing meat, like a steak, and boiling water in a flash. Or turn it right down to a true simmer ideal for melting chocolate or making sauce.

True Convection

Save time and cook food evenly with a True Convection system, which is great for baking and broiling. A heated fan distributes heat all around the oven and keeps the temperature constant. So dishes are cooked quickly and thoroughly.

Wifi Connectivity

Save time and do much more with Wi-Fi Connectivity. Simply monitor and control the oven using the SmartThings App*. You can preheat or turn it off and check and adjust the cooking temperature and time.

SmartThings Kitchen Service

The SmartThings Kitchen Service saves time and minimizes the burden of cooking. By understanding your needs it recommends personalized recipes. It also generates a weekly meal plan, enables seamless grocery shopping and offers an interactive experience.

Voice Control

Control the oven with your voice. Using a voice assistant*, such as Samsung Bixby**, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can simply say what you want the oven to do and it will do it. You can easily turn it on/off, select functions and change settings, even if youre busy doing other things.

Fingerprint Resistant Finish

A special Fingerprint Resistant Finish prevents surfaces from becoming covered in unsightly fingerprints and other marks and smudges. And any fingerprints or marks can be quickly wiped away if they appear.

Self Cleaning

Keep the inside of your oven neat and clean without wasting time and effort scrubbing or using costly cleaning products. A Self Cleaning system heats the cavity to a high temperature to burn off grease and food residue.

App Connectivity
SmartThings App SupportYes
Meat ProbeYes
Wire Rack2
Air Fry TrayYes
Gliding RackNo
Number of Oven Racks3
Number of Rack Positions7
Weight (Gross)201.3 lb
Weight (Net)174.8 lb
Gross (WxHxD)33 1/16 x 41 3/4 x 30 5/16 inch
Net (WxHxD)(29 15/16) x (36 ~ 36 3/4) x (28 11/16) inch
Warm. Drawer HandleNo
Convection Heater Element800W
Broil Element4200W
Bake Element3000W
Installation TypeSlide in
Cavity TypeSingle
Oven ColorDark Blue
Drawer Capacity1.0
Control Type (Oven)Glass Touch + Dial
Display TypeLCD
Control Type (Cooktop)Knob
Door TypeSingle Door (4 STSS Layers)
Soft Closing DoorNo
Self CleanYes
Air FryYes
Steam CleanYes
Favorite CookApp
Keep WarmYes
Numeric PadNo
Child Safety LockYes
Kitchen TimerYes
Hidden Bake ElementYes
Light (Lamp) On/OffYes
Interior Light (Position)1 Incandescent 40W / Back
Setting (Clock System Option (12H/24H))Yes
Sound on/offYes
Sabbath ModeYes
Delay StartYes
Number of Burner5 EA
Heating Element 16"/9" - 3600W
Heating Element 26" - 1200W
Heating Element 36"/9"/12" - 3000W
Heating Element 46" - 1200W
Heating Element 5Warm Zone (100W)
Hot Surface IndicatorYes
General Feature
Convection Cooking TechnologyTrue Convection
Variable Broil (Low-High) (Single)Low - High
Convection Roast (Single)175°F (80°C) - 550°F (285°C)
Bake (Single)175°F (80°C) - 550°F (285°C)
Convection Bake (Single)175°F (80°C) - 550°F (285°C)

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10 Reviews

Submitted a year ago

Reviewed at

2 Looks great, but not tough.

We bought this stove less than a year ago and within the first month it was scratching and showing wear. The cheap stove that came with our condo lasted 10yrs and had less wear showing. Very dissatisfied and disappointed with the durability, I expected better from Samsung. Would not recommend.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

Submitted 2 years ago

Reviewed at

1 Disappointed — The top scratches very easily!

Received our new electric range a few days ago from Leon and already there are scratches. We contacted Samsung support line and provided them with photos. The response that we got was the scratches are physical/cosmetic damage and not covered under manufacturer’s warranty. All we did was boiling water. Very disappointed in how fragile the glass top is!

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

Submitted 3 years ago

Reviewed at

5 Nice looking appliance

Received my oven about 2 weeks ago, was away so didn’t use it. Well just air fried some chicken legs...WoW they were awesome!!!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Submitted 3 years ago

Reviewed at

3 Mixed feelings about this range

This range has been in my house less than a week. I bought it because of the Consumer Reports rating on a similar model, and took a chance on a lower reliability rating because the performance ratings were so good. So, from our limited experience with it, I can say that it performs well. Cooktop heats up quickly and controls are responsive. Oven temperature is accurate and preheating is very fast. Air fry feature is nice and seems to work fine. Have yet to try all the features. However, I have come across some features that are less than optimal and could easily be improved to make this a 5* range. (1) The glass top scratched on the first day from just our normal use. I compare this to my previous glass top range that survived 11 years with no marks. The difference is that the previous one had a pattern applied to the surface that slightly raises the pan from the surface and protects the glass. It was ugly, but could be made better by matching the colour to the glass. This one seems to be bare glass, hence the easy scratches. (2) The stainless steel is wonderfully fingerprint "resistant", but every other surface is constantly smudged and needing constant wiping to keep it looking clean. (3) The knobs in front are very sensitive and easily activated by bumping against them or by curious little fingers. This is not a good model if you have small inquisitive children at home. (4) The lockout feature is, conceptually a good idea. The execution is less than optimal. It takes several steps to activate. and to release it just a simple 3 second press on one of the control surfaces. How difficult would it have been to use that same surface to toggle the lock feature? 3 seconds to lock, 3 seconds to release. (5) When the lock feature is activated, there is a message that pops up saying that the controls and door are locked. Not true. The door locks, and the touch-pad and central control knob are deactivated, but the surface element controls are still live. See (3) above. How about including a relay in the locking circuit that cuts power to the elements when the lock is activated? (6) Controlling remotely through the app is a bit flaky. The app monitors things nicely, but remote control needs to be activated separately, and this feature seems to time out, needing a trip to the kitchen to re-activate it. And, if you're already there, may as well set things through the buttons and knobs. Also, this was advertised as compatible with Alexa, but even though I have enabled the SmartThings skill, I cannot find out how to get Alexa to do anything with this range. I have no issues with the features and performance of this range. My rating for design was downgraded because of the issues listed above. My rating for value was downgraded because even though the range seems to perform well, daily reminders of the shortfalls make me unhappy. If any friend asked about this range when shopping, I would certainly talk about the good things, but could not, with a clear conscience, recommend a purchase, given the items listed above.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

Submitted 3 years ago

Reviewed at

5 Beautiful Appliance

One of the main reasons we purchased this oven was to match our black stainless steel Samsung refrigerator that we already loved. So we decided to purchase this oven. We have been using it for about 2 weeks now and absolutely love it. Not only does it look amazing in our newly renovated kitchen, it cooks to perfection. The smart dial makes the oven look just that, smart. It makes using the oven easy and convenient. Syncing with SmartThings is a great option and allows us to know when the oven is preheated or almost done cooking just on case we step outside to play with our daughter. Overall, my wife and I couldn't be happier with the choice we made.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Submitted 3 years ago

Reviewed at

5 Great Range

We've had the range for three weeks, and we love it. The air fry and temperature probe are great features, and it looks great as well.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Submitted 3 years ago

Reviewed at

2 Great oven with below average cooktop

The features of range are awesome. But the cook top is extremely slow and the coils stops hearing once it reaches certain temperature inorder to protect the glass,as a result the item takes 25 percentage longer than gas range

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

Submitted 2 years ago

Reviewed at

4 Oven temperature is spot on.

Love this range with the exception of the burner dials, they are hard to read.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Submitted 2 years ago

Reviewed at

4 True Upgrade for Me!

This stove is great. I love it! It's taken me just a wee bit of time to learn, but it does everything you would want an oven to do. The only problem I had was we placed tin foil in the bottom, just add my Mama, her mama, and so on... had done. My bad! BUT if Samsung had included in their owners manual not to do that because of the mess it would make, I wouldn't have done it & not have stuck on pieces of foil in my oven. This is the only reason it's not 5 stars. I am happy with this stove & hope to use it for the rest of my life. Plus the gorgeous black stainless is perfect in my red, white, gray & black kitchen!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Submitted 2 years ago

Reviewed at

4 Love the Convection and Air Fry Features

Bought this range just before the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. I bake approximately 20 quiche every year as gifts. With the convection feature I was able to bake 6 quiche at a time with great results. The one thing I don't like is the sensitivity of the control panel. I find it impossible when trying to clean and wipe the surface. Everything comes on and has to be turned off or reset.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend


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