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The pair of ISUB TWIN passive subwoofers drastically improves the impact of the bass in an in-car audio installation, specifically thanks to the double ferrite speaker drivers and heavy-duty, tough aluminium cone. The front grilles promote optimum sound dispersion throughout the cabin.
These ultra-compact subwoofers are quick and easy to install too, without any car modifications required. They slide comfortably underneath the seats* and are super easy to attach, with no tools required, using the self-adhesive strips provided. However, it is also very easy to screw them to the floor if you so wish.
We recommend powering the ISUB TWIN with amplifier Impulse 4.320, its two front channels will remain available to connect a pair of speaker drivers in the front doors, for example.

*Check the available space before installation.


  • Ultra-compact, twin subwoofers
  • Power: 2 × 200 W
  • High-fidelity sound
  • Easy, invisible integration
  • Self-adhesive strips provided
  • Compatible with all Focal Car Audio products as well as Focal Inside.

When developing the ISUB TWIN, the Focal engineers focussed on compactness without compromising high-performance. Measuring only 3 1/8” (8cm) high, the subwoofers can be comfortably slid under a seat. They are therefore extremely easy to install, without taking up any space in the cabin or boot. As for performance, the speaker drivers have been specially designed for these subwoofers, delivering high-fidelity sound and incredible power handling. 

In order to get the best of your ISUB TWIN speakers, a running-in period must be respected to ensure they are ready for this. We recommend that, once the system is ready for listening, the drive units should be run-in with medium volume setting, with music that has the full bandwidth of frequencies (sub-bass through treble). This running-in period should last for a few weeks, to gain the full potential. After which the excellent performance of your ISUB TWIN kit can be fully appreciated.

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